The Jan Prokop company was founded in 1997, and acquired a concession for “Companies ensuring the protection of persons and property” in 2002.

 In 2008, the legal entity PROJAN service s.r.o. was founded.

 We are a member of 
the Czech Chamber of Detective Services.


 In the course of the company’s operation, we have gradually gained experience e.g. in guarding social events, gambling enterprises, family estates, and also in the transportation of cash, protection of various groups of people (tourists, sports teams), bodyguard services (businessmen, politicians, show business stars), as well as assisting and supervising distrainment, onsite debt recovery related to searching for and finding individuals and companies and ascertaining their property standings, etc. for both domestic and foreign clients.

 We place high demands on continual self-education and self-improvement of all our employees and colleagues, whether this involves perfection of existing skills or the grasping of new ones.

 With regards to the nature of our activities, we cannot list references from our clients, who may be threatened by publication e.g. within the framework of competitive intelligence, or be exposed to higher risk during guarding of persons or property. During detective activities, discretion and confidentiality with respect to clients and the found facts is a standard obligation.

 We cooperate with attorneys, distrainment offices and other companies involved e.g. in crime prevention, finding tapping devices and so on.

 As a result, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to the client and their needs and requirements, with guaranteed quality and experience.

The owner and executive for the company is
Jan Prokop


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